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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Musical Update-

My book of lessons and the accompanying CD and DVD arrived yesterday! Now I need a pick and an electronic tuner. Lucky for me, on Friday we have a trip planned to SLC and I know where there is an accoustic music store.

My dulcimer is a teardrop, backpacker style, similar to the one pictured. I might have to get a padded carrying case like the one shown so my dulcimer can be travel safe.

There is a grundle of information about dulcimers and all kinds of instruments at Folk of the Wood so I'll be studying up at their pages for the next few weeks.

I've ordered two more sheet music books for me to learn from today! The first is Hits of the Beatles and the second one is The Dulcimer Hymm Book. Interestingly, the text says this hymm book is for hammered dulcimer but it shows a mountain dulcimer on the book cover. So I took a chance and I bought it. Its the old-time hymms that I grew up with that I'm really interested in learning to play, so I'm pretty excited about this book. The Beatles songbook seems like it might be pretty entertaining and of greater interest to other folks if I get competant enough to play outside of my closet.

School? Studying? Writing papers? Who me? I just want to learn to play!

And go to the gun range, of course!

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